Automotive Applications
Dodge Ad
A professional Western Glass Tinting treatment brings out the beauty of this Dodge Stratus (click to enlarge)
After your home, your car, truck, or SUV is probably the most expensive investment you have. Here in Southern California, the sun beats down on your car every day, causing increased heating to your interior, fading of your fabrics, and hastening the premature aging of one of your most prized possessions. But you can drastically reduce the effects of the sun with a professional installation by Western Glass Tinting. You can also trust us to do an expert installation on your vehicle; in fact, Western Glass Tinting is the official tinting company for all Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep advertising campaigns, including print and TV advertising (see example at right).

Solar Gardģ Film
To start with, we'll recommend using Solar Gard automotive window film as one of the best ways to improve the look and operating comfort of your vehicle. Youíll notice the sleek, custom look as soon as the installation is complete. The sunís heat and damaging ultraviolet are the main causes of passenger discomfort and premature aging of your carís interior. By rejecting up to 65 percent of the sunís total solar energy and blocking almost 100 percent of damaging and harmful ultraviolet, Solar Gard window films function just like a sunscreen ó- shielding you and your car from the sunís damaging effects.

Your Choice of Films
Solar Gard automotive films are available in a variety of colors and shades with different light transmission levels to satisfy local tint laws. You can choose from high performance metallized films including Quantumô, titanium, stainless steel bronze, and charcoal, or a full range of conventional non-reflective charcoal and grey films.

Quality Guaranteed
All the automotive films we install are backed with one of the strongest warranty programs in the industry, providing up to lifetime coverage on select applications. Solar Gard automotive films are scratch resistant and guaranteed not to bubble, crack or peel. See why Solar Gard automotive window films are the right choice for your vehicle.

Shown here are a couple of vehicles we have tinted recently; we look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients!

Carrera    benz

Rolls    wrx

Price List (effective 1-3-2008)
Please contact us directly for quotes on vehicles not listed here.

Vehicle Price
Mercedes Benz
SUVs, Wagons, Vans
Wagons and Vans
Sedans (Accord, Camry, etc.)
Xtra Cab
Regular Cab
Front doors only

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